If you are looking for an SEO Marketing service you can rely on to produce results then stay on this page why? Because within this post I will be sharing with you how we can get your website or Videos on the first page of Google in as little as 48 hours.


Pretty bold statement right? Why is it that local businesses need to bother with SEO? Listed below are 5 reasons why if these are applicable to your business then it’s clear you don’t need to be on this page.


  • (1) If you are satisfied with your SEO rankings and visitors to your website
  • (2) If you DON’T need more leads
  • (3) If you are comfortable with your conversions rates
  • (4) If you don’t want to reduce your bounce rate
  • (5) You don’t need to grow your business
  • (6) You are NOT Interested in Google page one rankings.

However if you still on this page then I can only assume that you are not satisfied with your SEO results and want to take your business to the next level and beyond.


There is so much more to SEO than most people realize. It’s okay to have a ton of visitors to a website but are they targeted visitors are they converting to sales?

What Are SEO Backlinks

Creating backlinks through social media (which is the most popular way) to get backlinks to a website can improve SEO rankings which is true to a certain extent but now in 2019, they are NOT as effective. All social media sites nowadays are focused on one thing and that is their paid advertising section. As always there are other more effective ways to get backlinks due to cutting edge software and this is one of them that I use and I highly recommend


Of course, social media backlinks certainly help but if it were as easy as that why is it that just last month alone 79036 people searched on that one keyword SEO Marketing Services? As you can imagine I could list many more keywords but I am sure you get the picture.


Local business owners don’t have a full understanding of how SEO works or they simply are too busy taking care of business which I fully understand.


Although I mentioned at the beginning of this post it is possible to get page one rankings in 48 hours we must not lose sight of the fact that SEO is a long term strategy but the main benefit it is FREE traffic. One thing is achieving page one rankings but the important aspect is to retain them in the distant future.


However, in order to achieve it, we have to understand that when people search online they usually have a problem. As a local business owner, it’s our job to provide the solution if that falls into our criteria.


Creating content and targeting the right keywords is nothing new and not likely to change anytime soon. Having said that not just any keywords but KW that are providing a solution to their problem.


For example the keyword “Video Marketing” that is much too broad it could mean anything. On the other hand by adding words like how what, where, buy, review, reviews, to the equation is where it becomes interesting and much more targeted.


To give you some idea to what I am referring to check out this site punch in the broad keyword to the product or service you are providing and see where it takes you.


So by now, it all starts with keyword research then it creating content around this targeted KW. Sounds pretty straight forward right? Yes, it does but as always this does take time and time is money I’m sure you agree.


Best SEO Marketing services

If you are anything like me to find out what are the best SEO Marketing services we have to take a look around to see what is on offer. Google it with this keyword or something similar “SEO services cost“.


What you will find are prices somewhere in the region of $500 to $10,000 per month or more not to mention the setup costs which can be $2,000 to $5,000.


Small to the medium-sized business owner trying to find an SEO marketing service that fits into your budget can present a challenge?


The honest truth is that we cannot get away from the facts content is king and always will be. Google loves it and they will reward us for it. Creating content is very time-consuming. We have to search for keywords that create enough traffic that is easy to rank for less competitive. Most business owners are far too busy taking care of business to deal with that.


However, as always  there are other ways to solve this issue thanks to cutting edge software and this syndication system created by Joshua Zamora who is a very experienced successful marketer check it out here



One more thing before you leave if you are in a hurry and need more traffic to your website then Facebook is, without doubt, reported to be the most effective paid advertising platform more on that subject in another post here.


So that’s about it I hope this has given you an insight into what to expect from an SEO marketing Service. If you have questions or comments I am always looking for any feedback to how I can help you further.

To Your Success

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Alan Benney MD


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