If you are a local business owner have a small to medium-sized business and are not taking advantage of video marketing then one thing is for sure your competitors will


There countless options to take into consideration but the most cost-effective strategy if you plan on Youtube or Facebook paid advertising is to use animated explainer videos.  


Up until now, these videos have been exclusive for the large corporate companies. However, here we are half-way through 2019 the doors are wide open due to modern technology for small to medium-sized businesses owners to cash in on this growing industry


Video marketing is the future gone are the days when visitors to websites want to fight their way through a mountain of text today in 2019 people want to be entertained.


It is a proven fact that animated videos inserted on websites it grabs attention increases visitor time. It is a commonly known fact that you have less than 30 seconds to impress your visitor and they are gone forever.

Here is an example video below to give you some idea to what I am referring to



Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

You will get a lot of love from Google, for example, it improves your bounce rate which leads to improved SEO rankings Most serious marketers would agree that is much easier to rank videos than it is content especially if we pick long-tail keywords with a lower search volume.


If you choose Youtube paid advertising these videos display for as little as 30 seconds are free. However, even if they see the complete video if it is short, to the point they have proven to a very cost-effective way to get more leads and sales for any business.


You may not be aware the Google own Youtube which makes it very attractive for small to business owners as an alternative to Facebook advertising where it is NOT as cost-effective as it used to be. Youtube is in strong competition with Facebook as they have taken a lot of business from Google.


Over the years Google has dominated the market place with their Google AdWords paid PPC ( Pay Per Click) advertising platform. However, they have made it so expensive for the small to medium-sized business owners they have lost a large percentage of that market place to Facebook.


We have to give credit to Facebook why? They have created an awesome paid advertising platform when advertisers take advantage of the Facebook insights platform. Of course, this was always possible with Google AdWords but you have to hire an expert unless you want to drain your advertising budget.


The only drawback with regard to paid advertising on Facebook you have to have a Facebook page. Facebook pages need to be managed carefully and need to be posting on a regular basis which for the small to the medium-sized business owner they are often too busy taking care of business.


Youtube which is now owned by Google is fighting back they are in strong competition with Facebook to take back the business that FB has stolen from them.


Countless business owners often don’t explore the options of video marketing why? They are under the impression they have to be on camera or don’t have the technical skills to create these short animated explainer videos.


However, this is where I come in as a small business owner I can create animated videos at very competitive prices and they start for as little as a night out with your family.

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