Live Chat For a Website

Why live chat for a website? Is this something we can sweep under the carpet or are local business owners missing out big time?


Even though we may not want to change the way we run our businesses and very often struggle to keep up with technology we also don’t want to get left behind and allow our competitors to get ahead of us. What are the pros on cons of live chat on a website it is just a passing phase or should we jump right in? As always there are positives and negatives we have to consider with any new technology.


How To Engage With Your Customers

As a local business owner, the one area we all can improve upon is to how to engage with our customers When people are looking for a product or a service it is a proven fact we have less than 30 seconds to grab their attention before they move on to our competitor’s websites.


They are looking for a solution to their problem and they want to get that information fast. There are numerous ways to provide solutions to keep them on our websites which include email marketing video marketing. This very often involves pop boxes, opt-in boxes, autoresponders encouraging people to subscribe to our newsletters.


This strategy has been around for years but unfortunately, this is not so effective in 2019. As we move forward with online methods we have implemented in the past subscribing to a newsletter is definitely on the decline.


From my recent findings if we want to know whether our email marketing is effective we should be getting at least between 15/ 25% open rates. The click-through rates should be 2.5% and our average click to open rate in a successful campaign should be 25/30%


Obviously this can vary quite considerably depending on your business. For example, if your brand is in the food industry then you could enjoy higher results. On the other hand, if you have a website selling automobiles the performance one would expect it to be lower.


The facts are we have to delve into other ways to engage with our website visitors that require little or no effort and live chat for a website is definitely a growing trend. However, surprisingly not to many local business owners are taking advantage of it which begs the question of why?


What we must be aware that 90% of customers that visit our websites are in research mode. They very often want answers to questions that we often unable to anticipate.


They are invariably not ready to make a decision in almost every case. They are not ready to pick up the phone or subscribe to a newsletter. Whereas according to recent studies 63% are happy to use a chat feature even though they are not ready to buy.


For whatever reason, it seems it feels a lot less intimidating. There are two main types of chats to choose from. One is a live chat where you can get notified by phone when a visitor asks a question. The second option is an automated version which requires pre-programming.


The first option of live chat is great if you are able to communicate with your customers in real-time. This works well for some local businesses that have the staff to manage it. When you are not available to answer questions there is the option to turn it off the live chat.


However, what I have found is that a large percentage that has taken the time to install live chat are only available in-office hours and not on weekends. This I believe is a big mistake why? People don’t research products and services just in-office hours. We live in a society where a great deal of research is conducted 24/7.


However, for global business owners, the automated option is probably the best option. However, this can prove to be more expensive and as mentioned above needs to be pre-programmed. Although this may sound complicated it is NOT as is may appear on first impressions.


This is one of the many services we offer for the following businesses Dentist, Lawyers, Plumbers. Real Estate Agents, Fitness trainers, Electricians, Handy Man, Cleaners if you have a WordPress Website, and much more… For more information please use the chatbot on this site or if you prefer then contact me on Skype set up a convenient time for an appointment look forward to working with you.

However, If you have time to learn how to pre-program the automated chatbot this is the software I use for my clients check it out here


This is no ordinary product if you have clicked on our live chat you will discover that is the next generation smart chat automation and lifelike 3d animation. The main benefits are it can and will replace staff and virtual workers and works for your business 24/7.


Providing it is set up properly it can create more leads sales and. conversions without sales funnels opt-in forms. If you run a Global business these chatbots can be created in multiple languages.


As you may have noticed you can record your own voice message explaining your products and services as we have. You can collect email addresses and add them to your autoresponder. Add the personal touch by adding your own image.


You can even set up a pop up with a special offer when they leave the chatbot and lots more Click Here for more info

Okay, that about is for today I really hope you enjoyed my post on live chat for a website. if you have questions or comments I always looking for feedback

To Your Success from the desk of Alan Benney MD

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