Facebook business advertising is controversially the most effective way to get targeted leads for any business. However, one thing is for sure in order to get the best value for your buck to create and run campaigns it is NOT as simple as it seems.


If you are new to Facebook advertising the best strategy is to start small and scale-up. The facts are that more than two million people advertise on Facebook each and every month. Whether you are a local business owner or you have a global business this is a very sophisticated way to grow any business fast.


They provide all the tools as long as you know how to use them, they have easy to read reports retargeting tools and much more. However, before you dive in to proceed with caution why? Just for a moment  imagine what it would be like to get attacked by a Piranha


This is the way I would describe Facebook advertising for business if you have little or no experience. Having said that who would have predicted in 2004 that it would have grown to what it is today.


Facebook today with more than 1.4 billion daily active users. It is now in 2019 to be considered one of the top advertising platforms. Looking at Google trends over the past 5 years this is not going to change anytime soon.



At the time of writing this post in August 2019, they have cornered 51 per cent of the total advertising spend in the US alone. Impressive right? If you manage to master the skills to create highly effective adds there is no doubt it can work for any business.


It can work for small businesses and large where ever you are located in the world with more than 50% and counting having internet access business owners need to take this advertising platform seriously as the potential is unbelievable.


Creating a Facebook campaign has never been easier and it is possible to enjoy awesome results for any business large or small. That is why it is a common sight to see small business local businesses, as well as the larger,  cooperate companies, take full advantage of this advertising platform.


Almost anyone can have a Facebook account login and create a campaign up a running in no time at all but you will need a Facebook Fanpage. If you are not sure what a Facebook Fan page looks like then check mine out here


Oh… while you are there give me a like and I will create a FREE Facebook Facebook Cover Video customized for your business for more information in this regard check them out here


As I mentioned above I explained how many people use Facebook on a daily basis so that makes it a great way to reach your perfect audience. The Facebook demographic page makes it simple to target age, gender interests location and much more…

Campaigns can provide if set up in the right way a high ROI ( return on your investment). There are countless benefits to Facebook advertising and they provide a wide range of formats to choose from.


For example, Video adds, image adds, or text adds of a combination of the two to name just a few. It would be impossible to share every aspect to what they offer in this one single post but what I am about to share with you later can provide the silver bullet you are looking for if you are planning on starting FB advertising.


One of the most effective ways to grab people’s attention is short animated explainer videos which last around 30 seconds. People when scrolling down the Facebook news feed you have to find a way of grabbing their attention and short animated video adds is a proven strategy to achieve this.


One of the services we offer is we create customized animated explainer videos for business owners for their home page blog or Facebook or Youtube advertising this is just one example there are plenty more check them out here



It is important to understand that people don’t have time to fight their way through a wall of text and they often do on websites or Blogs. You only have seconds to get their attention.


FB has sustained growth for a long period of time by providing great value. The sooner you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone and start using this advertising platform the faster you can grow your business.


Having said all that there are always a large percentage of people that unable for whatever reasons lose money but that is down to lack of experience in most cases.


Over the years I have experienced many essential software tools to make life easier for internet marketers. However, there are tools that are evergreen and others which others fade out an die.


One of the tools that I couldn’t live without is a keyword research tool. When people come online to search for a product or service I am sure you must be aware they insert keywords.


What a good keyword tool will reveal is how many searches per month and whether that keyword would be hard to rank for on the first page of Google or Youtube. There are many keyword tools to choose from some require monthly subscription other is FREE depending on usage.


I make use of 2 keyword tools both are free depending on how much you use them and how much information you want to find out I have made a video on Youtube with a full explanation of both in the video below.


However back to FB advertising what if there was a way to cut short the learning curb and have a successful campaign up and running right out the gate.


What if there was a way to spy on your competition with highly successful FB adds and crush your competitors remove all the guesswork and generate leads and sales for any business on demand.


This software just launched on the 21st of August 2019 does all the above and more. Rather than try to explain what this tool is capable of please watch the video below.


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