Welcome to my website my name is Alan Benney I am based in Bourton On The Water in the Uk. I run a small business and specialize in creating, producing animated explainer videos, sketch Videos Facebook Cover Videos, Instagram stories, Instagram advertising videos. Video intros, Video outros, & Chat Bot creation and much more…


 My goal is to work alongside local business owners to create a working relationship as a consultant to help them compete with large corporate companies to get more leads sales.


As a Special offer for visiting my website today, I will create a FREE Facebook Cover Video for your Facebook fan page for more information take a look at the examples here


Why Animated Explainer Videos?


It is a proven fact that website visitors would rather watch a video than fight their way through a wall of text. People like to be entertained that is why TV ads continue to be successful they are entertaining. The way people search for products and services is changing how?


Rather than searching on Google for products or services, the trend is people are searching on Youtube as well. Google is NOT concerned in fact they are loving it why? The own Youtube and have done since 2006 which may surprise most people.


Below I have created a short video as a perfect example that could be inserted on the home page of any business. This just one example, promoting my business but this could be any video with images from your website or Facebook fan page, etc… to promote your business. Please click on the video below to watch it enjoy




If you would like more information insert your details into the contact page I will get back to you within 24 at the latest. If you like to see more examples of animated videos or Facebook Cover Videos for your Fan page I have created Click Here

Have a great day

From the desk of Alan Benney

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